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Pure Gluten free Bakery and Treat No Wheat, we stand by our products. Led by a husband and wife team to provide premium quality products made to a consistent standard from the highest quality ingredients. Our staff fully understand the necessity to maintain a ‘safe’ environment for our customers. Therefore, unlike many other bakeries, our facility is dedicated to a gluten & wheat free environment to ensure ‘zero’ chance of cross contamination. What you can expect from Pure Gluten free Bakery and Treat No Wheat and our products - Expect high quality taste, texture and structure in our products. - Our products are 100% Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly. We cater for people with multiple allergies. - Thaw stability, meaning you can freeze nearly all of our products. We have in place pre-requisite programs and critical control points to ensure that all our products are safe for our customers and end-users. We are continually monitoring our conformance to specifications on all products, and seek to continually improve our performance in overall product quality. We ensure maintaining the required standards of food safety and hygiene.

custom cakes

We offer custom cake services. We can customise all cakes to suit your special occasions.

goods delivery

We provide goods delivery services. No worries if you don’t want to leave your home, we can deliver the goods straight to your doorstep!

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